Today, Bellydance flourishes worldwide like never before. Apparently, the way to a woman’s heart is through her hips.  You’ll find accomplished bellydancers all the way from Aukland to Zagreb – and right back down to the Tar Heel State’s own Jessica Hannan Sultan. 

Jessica began bellydancing in 1998. She won the title Ms. Bellydance USA in 2003.  Although she grew up in mountains of East Tennessee, this daughter of Bluegrass playing Brooklynites found her niche entertaining at weddings and live music nightclubs for Persian, Egyptian, and Lebanese communities of Ontario, Canada where she founded a popular Egyptian dance school.  Currently, Jessica resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her husband and two young children. She teaches local classes and researches her restorative bellydance fitness method. 

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Jessica is available to teach workshops, intensives, group and private lessons, and is always interested in performing for audiences who appreciate this art form.

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