YouTube Spring Bellydance Session

Free beginner/intermediate bellydance session on Youtube. Weekly videos start April 1. Subscribe here on YouTube. Join my private Facebook group for DIY equipment instructions and discussion. What we'll cover in these beginner and intermediate classes: Technical conditioning portion addresses the most common and damaging movement dysfunctions. It's also a killer ab workout while being restorative for the core [...]

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Party City provided my pain relief

For my 38th birthday, I gave myself a new back thanks to some sports-themed favors from Party City. I worked on my back for months. You see, for the last almost 4 decades, my upper back to my neck and shoulder's mantra was "OUCH." I went to chiropractors and others since I was 12. At one point it [...]

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Basic Stance: Get your hip headlights straight

The bellydancer's basic stance is integral to beautiful dancing. Since bellydancing is all about swoops and slithers, it figures that you would need to start things straight. Otherwise, if you start a twist from a twisted position, joint damage and soft tissue shearing can occur. To add aesthetic insult to physical injury, movements will appear more [...]

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Shoe problems are body problems.

Got feet? Count yourself lucky. Give your hard working feet some love by placing them in an environment where they can thrive. Shoes that look like this... Were made for feet that look like this: A shoe made for human feet should be wedge shaped and have a flat flexible sole. We make them for babies [...]

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Sickly Sweet – Sugar is not your honey bunch

It really stinks to realize you've been duped. Well, here's the bad news, we're all a bunch of suckers for sugar. The New York Times brought this issue to light recently with their article How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat. The sugar industry, like the tobacco industry, long knew the dismal health results of [...]

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Do you have spaghetti belly?

Don't know what a spaghetti belly is? It's a way to instantly tone your abdomen. People are sweating and crunching and planking their bellies into submission, when there is an easy fix that lends healthier results. And it starts with a bowl of spaghetti. Think about your pelvis as a spaghetti bowl. Drop the spaghetti [...]

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Mindful Movement Tips

Want to look better? Move better. Want to move better? Get aligned? Want to get aligned? Use each of these questions as a two minute meditation that can be done anywhere. You'll reap the rewards. - Where are my shoulder, hip, and ankle joints are in relation to each other?  Can I get them lined [...]

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The Essential Guide to Weekly Meal Prep

Planning and preparing to eat healthfully is the ticket to consistently feeling energized and meeting weight goals. So, here's how this goes. You'll need to pick one day where you have one hour to do active work on prep and another few hours where you'll be home to keep an eye on beans, rice, and [...]

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The Scoop on Poop

To achieve your goals of health, happiness, and making the most of your inherent beauty, you need energy that helps you wake up happy, fuels your motivation, and meets your body's needs.  Basically, what everyone needs is a diet that sustains vigor for the requirements of everyday life. So, how do we cultivate our vigor to achieve health, [...]

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Heat Advisory? Drink up!

Searing summer heat can mean fatigue, headaches, and other nasty side effects of dehydration. Make it easier to reach for water instead of a sugary drink by making a fruit blend. Just put chunks of fruit, herbs, and berries into ice cold water. Give the fruit a few minutes to seep into the water for the best [...]

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