My DIY restorative exercise and bellydance training tools impart alignment, body awareness,  flexibility, strength, and technical ability. All of these items can easily be assembled using readily available materials.


The regime is based on an understanding of women’s biomechanics, so it benefits bellydancers and the non-bedazzled as well. Those who have experienced pregnancy or are concerned about hip, pelvis, or abdominal fitness will find it beneficial.

Please email Jessica if you would like to be interested in hosting a How-To workshop in your area.



The Dancer’s Webbelly-dancers-web-equipment

360 degree resistance for isolations, bellywork, and full body training easily assembled with overhead hooks, plastic chains, sand anchors in boxes, and resistance bands. Velcro belts around the ribs and hips attached to the resistance bands weave your body into the immersive core work. Upper body carriage is improved. Lateral strength and agility are developed. The lower back can lengthen and relax as deep core muscles become easier to activate.





The Tenderizer bellydance-tenderizer

Knotty sore muscles get in the way of beautiful movement (not to mention happiness). The Tenderizer is made from cheap toy balls available at Party City, but it has the same effect on tight shoulders as a $100 massage.






The Level

A significant proportion of women lack the strength and coordination to maintain a neutral pelvis alignment. Back, hipbellydance-hip-level and knee pain are a common result. Bellydancers especially need lateral hip and leg strength to prevent over extension during hip articulation. The Level provides visual orientation in key core stability exercises that centers and balances the lower body.





The KettleBag

The Dancer’s Web’s anchor boxes contain easy-to-construct sand free weights. These ten pound Kettlebags can be used singly or in multiples for muscle-building squats, lunges, and overhead exercises.